Social Well Being

Friends having drinks at barI recently spoke with a friend who attended a social gathering few weeks ago. During the cocktail party, she was greeted by a gentleman for light conversation. My friend, being a social butterfly that she was, thought it would be fun to make a new acquaintance. However, almost immediately she wished that she didn't. It wasn’t because the conversation was uninteresting, but rather, she was put off by his poor oral hygiene. “His breath smelled like a melting onion…” said my friend, and that was the story of a modern Lady-Killer.

Aside from physical appearance and personality, oral hygiene also plays an important role in the impression you make on others. Unfortunately, it is often an aspect that is neglected by individuals. When it comes to Halitosis (bad breath) and oral hygiene, it is very difficult for individuals to detect the issue on their own.

For one, we don’t usually pay conscious attention to our breath. And not many individuals tend to have fond memories when it comes to the dentist. However, with a little patience and consistency, it is easy to maintain good oral hygiene. As a dental practitioner, I believe that having good oral health will help bring out the best in my patients. So why not check out our tutorial section for some simple oral maintenance tips? I guarantee that you will be surprised just how much different you will feel when you can say goodbye to bad breath, and have a bright smile that you can be proud of.